Custom Made, Unique to you

Custom Made, Unique to you

At Creative Drain Solutions, we understand the many variables which make a lineal drain unique. Hence, virtually every product we produce is custom made to suit your specific requirements, either indoor or outdoor.

The variables in lineal drain manufacture include:

  • Length of lineal drain,

  • Location of lineal drain, front, side or centre of the shower, balcony or alfresco area.

  • Location of waste outlet in drain tray,

  • Thickness of tile to be used on floors and walls

  • Location of the wast outlet in the lineal drain tray

  • Fall to left or right end of the lineal drain, or other location in between

  • Are glass inserts required in the shower drain tray?

  • Type of finish, brushed or polished

  • Slotted grate or tile insert

    Custom Made Widths, Lengths, and Styles