Easy To Install

Easy To Install

At Creative Drain Solutions, we specifically design our drains to be easy to install and waterproof. To make things easier for you, we offer.

  • Customised lengths – There is no need for you to design your requirements around the drain, because we design and manufacture the drain for your application.

  • A broad range of styles –for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Shallow Depth Drain Tray – Our Drain Trays are shallow, so that minimal work is required to fit the drain into an existing floor, or minimal construction changes, if any, are required when building a new residence.

  • Wide flashings, which meet or exceed Australian Standards, especially when waterproofing onto horizontal surfaces. .

  • Built-In Fall – Our drains are manufactured with a built in fall, either to the left or right, depending on your plumbing location. Alternatively, we can build drains with the outlet in a location specified by you; e.g. centre. The built-in fall reduces installation and set-up time.

  • Tile lips and flashings are specifically manufactured to suit the thickness of your wall and floor tiles, thus reducing installation and set-up time

    Each of these features has their own benefit, but together they ensure our lineal drains are the easiest drains to install and waterproof.

    An Advantage style lineal stainless steel drain sitting above an installation rebate.