Absolute Installation Guide

The Ultimate Absolute is an all-in-one integrated drain and flashing solution. This drain was designed for second storey sections. Because of it's unique design, when installing, the floor sections do not need to be cut into, so there is no interfering with the structural integrity of the floor. However, it can be used on any floor level to make installation simple and easy. Please download the full PDF for your convenience here.


Step 1.

Layout the Absolute drain and the 'F' section to mark the cut-out area for the drain channel. Fitting corners together as in diagram 1A


Step 2.

Cut the flooring to suit the drain style. If you cannot fit plumbing through the opening in the floor, cut an additional inspection hole before fitting the Ceramic Tile Underlay. Fit additional noggins if required to support the floor between joists.


Step 3.

When the plumbing has been set up, the drain can be removed simply by undoing the screw holding the internal grate in place, as in diagram 3.


Step 4.

Once the underlay is installed, the drain and 'F' flashing should be temporarily fitted and marked around to install polyurethane or Neutralcure silicone to seal drain into place. Fix drain down drain using screw down tabs and stainless steel screws provided.


Step 5.

After fitting and sealing drain and flashing into place (wall flashing optional), precoat shower base, return up walls and onto the flashing of drain and channel with a proprietary waterproofing compound. ie Acrylic or Polyurethane or similar waterproofing compound.


Step 6.

After waterproofing is dry, prime and screed fall to shower as shown. Setting up for the thickness of your tile at the drain, and creating a 10 – 15mm fall to base area.


Step 7.

Once the screed compound is dry, install 2 more coats of waterproofing (Refer to manufacturers specifications) to all shower base wall and floor areas, and the floor outside the shower as shown. Important: Do not block the weep holes with waterproofing.


Step 8.

Ensure you water proof all of the bathroom area to Australian Standards ASA 3740-2010.


Step 9.

Your bathroom is now ready for tiling.


Step 10.

Tiling in progress


Step 11.

Once tiling, grouting and silicon caulking is complete, glass can be fitted. Note: Left hand wall flashing used in this illustration to support narrow glass and give it strength.