Wall to Tile Installation Guide

The Wall to Tile runs along a wall with a wall at one end and a tile or shower screen at the other.

This installation guide details how to install from a wall to a tile. Please download the full PDF for your convenience here.


Step 1.

Mark out the floor area to suit drain size. In this guide, the whole floor area of the shower base will be removed and this will be refitted to create the fall toward the drain.


Step 2.

Remove the floor area to gain access to the floor joists. Add additional floor joist support if necessary.


Step 3.

Plane down the joists to create fall as per diagram.


Step 4.

After the fall has been created, install new floor, leaving room for the drain at rear.


Step 5.

Check that the drain fits in the gap, and into the plumbing before installing the ceramic tile underlay.


Step 6.

Step 7.

If the drain flashing on the floor side is too high, mark and cut down so that the over-flashing fits in place as per diagram 7a. Do this before waterproofing.


Step 8.

Install drain using sealant and fix down drain using screw down tabs and stainless screws provided. Fit the over-flashing as per diagram 8A.


Step 9.

Fit the over-flashing with sealant. Your bathroom is now ready for final waterproofing and tiling.