Graded H/F Flashing

The Graded “H/F”Flashing  consists of a Hidden “F” Flashing and a graded flashing and is designed to be used with indoor lineal drains where the shower area has been rebated into the floor, the drain is installed at the rear of the shower and the fall in the shower is created against a horizontal floor edge.

The “H/F” Flashing is fixed to the level floorand supports the  glass panel.  The Graded flashing section section is fabricated to cover the graded step  that is created when creating the fall towards the drain. The Graded Flashing starts at floor level or 0mm and is then “graded” to the depth of the fall at the drain, e.g.15mm. The Graded Flashing is designed to fit over the inside edge of the “H/F” Flashing and provide a waterproof seal between the 2 flashings.

Graded H/F Flashing

This system eliminates the requirement to cut thin, graduated slithers of tile to cover the tapered step created by the fall as the stainless steel Graded Flashing now provides either a Brushed or Polished graded edge which also aids waterproofing, as the Graded Flashing has a 60mm flashing which returns into the shower base area..

The standard features of the Graded “H/F” Flashing are:

  • Manufactured from 316 (marine) grade stainless steel
  • Brushed or Polished finish
  • Manufactured to suit left hand or right hand applications

The custom features of the Graded “H/F” Flashing are:

  • length manufactured to suit your specific requirements;