RELN® Rain Drain

The RELN® Rain Drain is a plastic channel used to make creating a drainage channel easy. These can be used with the Overgrate to make an effective outdoor drain. The RELN® Rain Drain has a number of accessories to make building your channel simple. These are:

End Caps – These close off the end of a Poly Channel
Stormwater Adaptor – Connects the RELN® Rain Drain to a storm water pipe easily
Joiners – Connects sections of the RELN® Rain Drain together
90 degree corners – Connects drains at 90 degrees to allow for corners in your drainage

The Poly Channel

This drain is available in the following standard lengths:

1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, and 3000mm

RELN® Rain Drain will be sent out in standard lengths, but can be cut down to fit custom sized overgrates.

RELN® Rain Drain have no built in fall. Waste can be cut out of the RELN® Rain Drain where required.