Square Overgrate

Creative Drain Solutions stainless steel Square Over-grate is designed to provide an alternative to the aluminium grate inserts used in Reln® Rain Drain square poly-pits.

The Square Over-grate is manufactured from 316 (marine) grade stainless steel to create an attractive, strong and durable grate that is made to last. The grate is manufactured using 6mm square bars which form the grate, with a 20mm x 20mm angle fits into the top of the Reln® poly-pitand returns over the external substrate e.g. concrete, pavers, tiles etc.

Square Overgrate

The Square Over-grate has the following features:

  • a brushed finish, with an option for an R12 slip-rated finish if required
  • electro-polished to provide a long lasting, high quality finish that resists staining..

Creative Drain Solutions can also supply the Reln® Poly-pit with the Square Over-grate if required.

The Square Over-grate is available in the following standard sizes:
250 x 250mm, 350 x 350mm, 470 x 470mm, and 600 x 600mm