Tile Insert Tray Tile to Tile

The Tile Insert Grate Tile to Tile is installed at the front of the shower, between the two side walls of the shower/bathroom with, floor tiles on either side of the lineal drain. The Tile Insert lineal drain utilises a stainless steel tray on which the tiles or stone of your choice are mounted, providing a discrete, virtually invisible drainage solution.

Tile Insert Grate Tile to Tile

The standard features of the Tile Insert Tile to Tile Lineal Drain include:

  • Drain tray with built-in fall, either left or right
  • Easy to install and waterproof
  • Standard 50mm male threaded waste located 75mm to centre from end of drain;
  • Manufactured from 316 (marine) grade stainless steel;
  • Drain is electro-polished to prevent tea-staining;
  • 50+mm flashings on horizontal surfaces, which meet or exceed Australian Standards for flashing on horizontal surfaces;
  • Weep slots in the horizontal flashing tile lip to allow any water which escapes past the tile seals to drain back into the drain channel and not build up under tiles, causing water damage.


The custom features of the Ultimate Tile to Tile Lineal Drain include:

  • Manufactured to suit the specific tile thickness on floor and walls;
  • Drain length is manufactured to your specification;
  • Outlet location can be located to suit your requirements;
  • Outlet can be changed to be a stainless steel dropper, size to suit.

All Tile Insert lineal drains are delivered with a suction cup for easy removal of the tile insert tray.