Zero Threshold Slot Drain

Zero Threshold Drains sit below a sub-sill door track, and come up level with the track to allow for a Zero Threshold entryway. Zero Threshold drains are perfect for every entryway. With no step-up, the door becomes easily accessible, ideal for disabled access.

As there are a wide range of door tracks available, these drains are custom-designed based on which track the door is using. Zero Threshold drains are designed to be secondary drainage only.

Click here to download the Creative Drain Solutions Zero Threshold Lineal Drain brochure

This drain can be made to custom lengths depending on your requirements.

Available with built-in fall to the left or right. Discharge location and size can be made to suit your plumbing requirements. Discharge location can often be on either the bottom or front of drain channel.
This drain is only available in the brushed finish.