The Vinyl

The Vinyl

The Vinyl Lineal Drain has been specially designed for use in bathrooms and “wet rooms” which utilise vinyl floor coverings. The vinyl floor covering is rolled into the drain and is locked in place by retention bars which are fixed to the drain using stainless steel screws, ensuring the vinyl floor runs seamlessly into the drain, for both appearance and waterproofing.
The Vinyl Lineal Drain in manufactured in 5 styles to suit most specialised applications and is available in 2 finishes – Brushed or Polished.
The Vinyl Lineal Drain is custom made to suit your specific requirements. For example:
Length of drain
Location of drain; against a wall, in a corner, in the centre of the room.....
Built-in fall to left or right (or other custom location)

The Vinyl Stainless Steel Drain

Available Styles:

Wall to Wall – The Wall to Wall lineal drain is installed along the rear wall of the shower and between the 2 side walls of the shower/bathroom.

Wall to Vinyl – The Wall to Vinyl drain is installed along the rear wall of the shower and between the wall at one end of the shower, and the vinyl floor or shower screen at the other end.

Vinyl to Vinyl – the Vinyl to Vinyl lineal drain is installed at the front of the shower, between the two side walls of the shower/bathroom with, vinyl on either side of the lineal drain.

Vinyl Surround – The Vinyl Surround lineal drain is installed with vinyl on all 4 sides and can be located in a variety of positions within the shower area. This lineal drain is easy to install and can eliminate the need for a custom length lineal drain.